Date Time Venue Event Description
11/5/2018 8:00 pm Antone's Travis Only
305 E. 5th Street
Austin, TX

11/12/2018 8:00 pm Blind Willie's Travis Only
828 N. Highland Ave. NE
Atlanta, GA
Phone: 404-873-BLUE (2583)

11/17/2018 7:00 pm Music Box
1148 Main Avenue
Cleveland, OH
Phone: 216-242-1250

12/21/2018 all day Las Vegas, Nevada Vacation
12/27/2018 Las Vegas, NV

1/14/2019 7:00pm Beachland Ballroom
15711 Waterloo Road
Cleveland, OH
Phone: 216-383-1124

5/29/2019 8:00 pm Ebikon, Lucerne Travis Only

6/7/2019 8:00 pm Seeland Sempach, Lucerne Travis Only
6/8/2019 Choose...Switzerland

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Schedule Subject To Change

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